All the products you can find below are in frozen and/or chilled condition. We offer meat from various countries but mainly from Scandinavian and Baltic regions


We offer a full range of porkmeat, starting with pork carcasses, forends, legs, trimmings and fats, till collars and tenderloins. Also we can offer different cuts and slices of the product, for example pork collar, chops or pork loins cut into 3. Our portfolio also contains all offals and sow meat.

We offer chicken, hen, turkey, duck, geese, goal etc meat. Starting with the whole bird, cuts with bone, boneless cuts, offals, till prodcessed meat.

We offer beef deboned cuts mainly from the Baltic states, as well as production meat from the rest of Europe. Also we offer veal and grass fed Hereford and Angus meat.
Mutton and Lamb

We offer Estonian, New Zealand, Spanish and other origin meat, depends on the quality needs of the customers.

We offer Estonian, Polish and other countries red deer, roe deer, elk, wildboar, bearmeat etc.
Also we can offer you a wide range of frozen fruits and vegetables, french fries, fish, etc. Just let us know your wish, and we will fulfill it!
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